Friday, December 11, 2020


 Hey Space Placers!

This you do not want to miss!

The 27-day old Waning Crescent Moon will join brilliant and beautiful Venus in the Southeastern sky. If you have a clear horizon to the Southeast start looking at 6 a.m. local. The celestial duo will continue to get higher in the sky until sunrise.

Credit: Sky and

The Moon will probably exhibit Earthshine which in itself is a showstopper to see. Add in Venus and this is a must see event.

Earthshine is caused by the reflection of sunlight off of Earth's clouds and to a lesser extent oceans, that illuminates the unlit area of the Moon. It is beautiful to see.

Earthshine in Waning Crescent Moon
Credit: Greg Redfern

Add all of it together and you will see something like this. The alignment of Venus and the Moon will be different and you probably won't be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean :-) But this view approximates what your eyes will see. Binoculars will enhance the view of the Moon.

The Waning Crescent Moon with Earthshine and Venus Taken at Sea

Credit: Greg Redfern

If you have any type of camera try taking an astropic. Try the automatic setting and see what you get. 

Oh, don't forget to look at Jupiter and Saturn in the Southwest sky as it gets dark after sunset! They are getting closer and closer for a historic "Great Conjunction" on 12-21-20. This astropic was taken with a smartphone handheld.

Jupiter (the brighter planet) and Saturn

Credit: Greg Redfern

Tomorrow we will discuss the Geminid Meteor Shower - another must see event!

Here's to clear skies for all!!

Sky Guy in VA

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