Monday, September 20, 2021


 Hey Space Placers!

ALMOST Full Moon 9/19/21

Greg Redfern iPhone 12 Pro Max

Monday night in the Northern Hemisphere, the Full Harvest Moon will occur at 7:54 pm EDT. With all of the smoke due to wildfires there is a good chance that at sunset as the Full Harvest Moon rises in the East you will see a gloriously colored Moon like my pic above. There was NO processing done on the photo - the color is real. 

This is the last Full Moon of summer as Fall begins on 9/22/21 at 3:21 pm EDT for the Northern Hemisphere.

Be sure to find a view of the Eastern horizon that is free of trees and buildings so you can see the Moon as it rises. Doing so will provide a dramatic and colorful Moonrise.

Clear skies and on to Fall!!!

Sky Guy in VA

Enjoy these last days of summer!

Sky Guy in VA

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