Tuesday, October 4, 2022


 Hey, Space Placers!

Me & My Unistellar Telescope

If you own a telescope you can now become a citizen astronomer doing REAL science observations regarding exoplanets.

Full attribution here - I am an ambassador for Unistellar - but it is a non-pay position and pertains to outreach for the telescope maker. I BELIVE in their products (as to their telescopes I have bought two and used another on loan) AND the company itself. 

Unistellar has been "stellar" in its worldwide commitment to getting telescopes to community colleges, young girls and other venues. They have created a worldwide network of observers - a community really - that participates in a variety of citizen astronomer observational campaigns.

Now Unistellar, along with SETI, have opened up their exoplanet campaign to ALL TELESCOPE USERS. This is a welcome expansion to the whole amateur astronomer community that should provide more observers to the exciting world of exoplanets.

Unistellar and NASA have also entered into an agreement and funding as related by Unistellar:

Exoplanet detection citizen science programs approved by NASA

The exoplanet detection citizen science programmes available to the international community of Unistellar smart telescope users now have approval and funding from NASA.

In the first approved programme, the Unistellar network is confirming new exoplanets detected by the TESS satellite. The space agency also supports a programme where citizen astronomers use eVscopes for citizen science tasks focusing on the Exo-Jupiters discovered by NASA missions.

Franck Marchis, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder at Unistellar, and Senior Planetary Astronomer at the SETI Institute, explains: “As part of the Unistellar community, you have a front-row seat at astronomical events and can contribute to new scientific knowledge. NASA’s funding for citizen science programmes opens up new horizons for this shared adventure.

If you are a telescope owner, give some serious consideration to making and submitting exoplanet observations. I am looking forward to doing so as well as making observations in other citizen astronomer categories.

Here's to clear skies and good data!

Sky Guy in VA

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