Thursday, June 29, 2023


 Hey, Space Placers!

If you weren't able to tune in today for the live National Science Foundation Press Conference on today's breaking news on Gravitational Waves, you can hear it via the link above.

If you don't have an hour to spare to see the whole video, be sure to see the video below

It was an excellent news conference with a "stellar" group of astronomers including shared Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of Gravitational Waves, Kip Thorne and the discoverer of pulsars, Jocelyn Bell Burnell .

What the "evidence" - and it is very strong evidence that in a few years more of pulsar data will lead to a definitive scientific conclusion - shows is that the very fabric of space time is not smooth but churning like an ocean due to Gravitational Waves. In fact, this churning is so pervasive throughout the Universe that it constitutes a Gravitational Wave Background.

This artist’s concept shows stars, black holes, and nebula laid over a grid representing the fabric of space-time. Ripples in this fabric are called gravitational waves. The NANOGrav collaboration detected evidence of gravitational waves created by black holes billions of times the mass of the Sun. Credit: NANOGrav collaboration; Aurore Simonet

At some point in Gravitational Wave Astronomy we will have the means to discern Gravitational Waves created at the very beginning of our Universe, the Big Bang. 

We are in a Golden Age of off planet human and robotic exploration as well as astronomy. New ground and space based telescopes and detectors are going to provide new discoveries and answers to questions we have about our Universe.

Humanity's survival is by no means assured to achieve these lofty accomplishments. We must strive as a species to make sure we do.....

Sky Guy in VA

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