Tuesday, March 12, 2024


 Hey Space Placers!

Lining 'Em Up For Practice!

If you are going to be watching &/or imaging the 4/8/24 Solar Eclipse, do you have an Eclipse Plan? Here are my thoughts on why you need an eclipse plan from my book, "Astrophotography Is Easy":

"It can really help to think about and visualize what you want to do astropic-wise for an eclipse. During total solar eclipses, many of us umbraphiles confess to experiencing what the author describes as “Primal Awe” – the sheer magnificence and primal emotions of being in the Moon’s umbral shadow and seeing the totally eclipsed Sun with its glorious corona. Seasoned total solar eclipse chasers have confided to “failing to take off solar filters during totality,” “being mesmerized,” “a primal feeling deep within me.” You will probably experience something like this as well, especially during your first total solar eclipse. You may want to concentrate on watching your first total solar eclipse, and taking time to get just one photograph of glorious totality.

An eclipse plan forces you to think and plan for the event, write it down, practice it, and then execute it. Without this process, you may be in for a very disappointing outcome."

At a MINIMUM your eclipse plan should consider:

Where and how are you going to Safely watch it?

Safely image it?

You need to make a plan in synch w/ the eclipse's progression. The Sun will move across the sky over the hours of the eclipse - anything going to get in the way in your viewing area?

Practice your plan w/ your safe viewing/imaging method & equipment.


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