Monday, March 11, 2024


 Hey, Space Placers!

In the splendid movie,"The Right Stuff",  one of the great lines is, "No Bucks, No Buck Rogers". 

In other words, funding propels NASA. The budget for NASA was released today along with the excellent video above.

Here is NASA's Budget Request for FY 25:

People may not realize the "Aeronautics" part of NASA's core mission as well as the part the space agency plays in the study of our planet and yes, climate change.

NASA is a bargain for what it costs compared to what we get in return.  Money back into the U.S. economy and many technological spin offs as well as inspiration and education are mainstay benefits.

On a worldwide political, military and strategic level, space is at the forefront of major countries. Simply put, the U.S. must have a robust space and aeronautics program. 

It is money well spent.......

Sky Guy in VA

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