Monday, April 8, 2024


Hey, Space Placers!

Did you see the solar eclipse today?

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185 moon shadow chasers Camp Riverview converged in this enchanting western section of Texas next to the Frio River to see 4 minutes 27 seconds of totality. Alas, we saw the moon gobbling up the sun during breaks in the clouds - known as sucker holes - but did not see totality in the sky. We DID see the moon's shadow turn off the daylight in a big way as the temp dropped and the birds went silent.
FIrst Bite
The moon starts to swallow up the sun.
Bye Bye Sunspot
A large sunspot is about to be covered by the moon.
Night Night
A Butterfly Under the Moon's Shadow.
Seconds From Totality
Sun almost covered by the moon.
Lights Out
Totality's darkness is evident with Venus in the center of the picture.
Daylight's Back

Totality has ended and the sun returns. 

Sky Guy in TX

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