Monday, June 10, 2024


Hey, Space Placers!

A large cylindrical module, the HALO (Habitation and Logistics Outpost) for NASA's Gateway space station, is being carefully moved inside a spacious industrial facility by technicians at Thales Alenia Space in Turin, Italy. The module is suspended by cranes and surrounded by workers in white lab coats and safety gear, preparing it for a series of stress tests.

Technicians at a Thales Alenia Space industrial plant in Turin, Italy. guide Gateway’s HALO module to its stress testing location.

CREDIT: Thales Alenia Space

Gateway’s HALO Making Moves: GET THE FULL LOW DOWN HERE.

This so exciting to me as NASA's Lunar Gateway is coming together - LITERALLY!

The Gateway training facility is up as well at Johnson Space Center where astronauts will prepare for missions to the Moon and Gateway.

Credit: Greg Redfern

Sky Guy at the Inn at Perry Cabin, Saint Michaels, MD

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