Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Anther Solar Storm Underway

Hey Space Placers!

Remember back in January when we had a solar storm.....the largest in years? Well, the Sun has another storm producing sunspot, AR1429, that has been having numerous solar flares, including this one:

This solar storm could produce effects on Earth affecting GPS, airline flights near the poles, high frequency radio and power grids. As I said back in January, the space weather professionals are monitoring this storm and will issue alerts and updates as necessary.

Auroras may be visible for higher latitude observers but they would have to be very bright to overcome tonight's Full Moon. This sunspot group has been getting larger and has been very active. It is possible that it will continue to produce solar flares. It is going to be facing directly at Earth very soon and this is when we would receive a direct impact from any solar storm events.

Sky Guy in VA

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