Thursday, October 24, 2013

See ISS in Greater Washington DC Area

Hey Space Placers!

For those in the greater Washington D.C. area there are some sighting opportunities for the International Space Station (ISS) tonight and the next few days - the 25th and 28th are the best as ISS will be at its brightest:

DateBrightnessStartHighest pointEndPass type
24 Oct-1.419:01:5010°NNW19:04:1218°NNE19:05:5413°ENEvisible
24 Oct-0.420:37:5710°NW20:38:4917°NW20:38:4917°NWvisible
25 Oct-3.019:49:3710°NW19:52:3954°NNE19:52:3954°NNEvisible
26 Oct-2.419:01:1810°NW19:04:2334°NNE19:06:3316°Evisible
26 Oct-0.420:38:1310°WNW20:39:2918°W20:39:2918°Wvisible
27 Oct-2.419:49:2410°WNW19:52:3746°SW19:53:3035°Svisible
28 Oct-3.319:00:4410°NW19:04:0487°SW19:07:2410°SEvisible
29 Oct-0.319:49:4510°W19:51:4916°SW19:53:5210°SSWvisible
30 Oct-1.119:00:2110°WNW19:03:1528°SW19:06:0810°SSEvisible

You can photograph ISS by putting your camera on a tripod, focusing it on a distant object and taking a time exposure of several seconds. Try not to have any bright lights in the field of view. You will get a nice bright arc, especially on October 25th and 28th when ISS will be nearly as bright as Venus!

Binoculars will enhance your view as the ISS flies over, especially when it starts to enter the Earth's shadow and begins to fade - very cool. It can be seen in telescopes as well but moves pretty fast and usually requires special programming of the telescope's mount. ISS has been photographed through telescopes to reveal great detail.

Here is the website to customize your view at your own location for not only the ISS but astronomical objects and other satellites, including Hubble Space Telescope (HST) as well:

Here's to clear skies and good viewing!

Sky Guy in VA

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