Friday, February 7, 2014

How We Look From Mars

Hey Space Placers!

This is how Earth and the Moon looked to Curiosity on Mars January 31, 2014:

We were 99 million miles away at the time. See the full resolution photo and story here.

Just about every spacecraft launched has taken a picture of the home world and our Moon. Cassini at Saturn did it last year and perhaps the most famous ever was the "Pale Blue Dot" captured by Voyager 1 in 1990 at 3.7 BILLION miles.

It helps to see ourselves from a perspective that shows how small we are against the black void of space. Sane people should realize that this world is all we have with each other in it. The day to day insanity and brutality that is carried out on behalf of religious,  political and greedy causes speeds our demise as a species.

Perhaps one day our Pale Blue Dot will be home to a peaceful, united world that explores the blackness of space in search of other Pale Blue Dots.

Sky Guy in VA

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