Monday, December 29, 2014

UPDATED Sky Guy Viewing ALERT Comet Lovejoy

Hey Space Placers!


Here is the latest info and sky chart for finding Comet Lovejoy which has continued to brighten and is reported to be at naked eye visibility from dark sky sites. Tonight, 1/4/15. the comet is near Rigel in Orion.

Here is what it looks like in the sky - it is the bright green object near the center of the camera. This was taken in strong moonlight which interferes with seeing the comet until 1/7/15. Using binoculars will really help with the view, even in moonlight and urban settings.

Now is the time to try and see Comet Lovejoy as it has been reported as being visible to the unaided eye from dark sky sites. I have seen the comet in 10x56 binoculars and I have photographed it with a telescope several times, including last night as it passed by the M-79 Globular Cluster:

Read this article and use the finder chart to try and see this beautiful visitor from the beginning of our solar system; Try and find a site that is free of lights and has a good view of the SE and S horizons. Binoculars will be a BIG help and once you zero in on Comet Lovejoy try and see if you can see it with just your eyes.

I'll post more pics and info as we continue to monitor the comet.

Sky Guy in VA

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