Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Latest (and UNREAL) Pics of Comet 67P from ESA's Rosetta Mission

Hey Space Placers!

I am back in the USA and am getting caught up on a LOT of space and astronomy news. I will try and get the highlights out in the next few days but I HAD to share the latest pics from ESA's Rosetta Mission of Comet 67P with you. Be sure to download the hi-res JPEG if you can - it is worth it.


The comet is 4 months from being closest to the Sun. It is starting to heat up as it gets ever closer to the Sun and we are beginning to see jets of material coming from the comet. We get excellent views as it rotates and from the Rosetta spacecraft orbiting very close to Comet 67P. The view is only going to get better and more amazing in the months to come.

Sky Guy Back in the USA

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